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That's right: we have a cover, and now we have a synopsis! Look for The Soul Proprietor to be released in Summer of 2023, but for now, read on to see what the fourth book in The Lovelace & Wick Series is all about.

When Viola Atchison last saw Iago Wick, she promised that if ever they met again, she would destroy him.

Imagine his dismay one autumn afternoon upon finding her waiting for him in his parlor.

But Atchison has different plans these days. Caught in a battle to save her soul, she swiftly enlists the help of Iago and his husband, Dante Lovelace, in a plot that’s part deal with the devil, part supernatural heist.

Madam Emilia Sly is a wicked spiritualist with one of the largest collections of stolen supernatural relics around: including an ancient scroll that’s the key to Viola Atchison’s salvation. It’s up to Iago, Dante, and the Atchisons to execute their plot through the art of magic and a little playacting. But Madam Sly has her eyes on her own desired treasure, and she’s not about to step aside without a fight, one which could bring deadly consequences.

Join Messrs. Lovelace and Wick in the final installment of The Lovelace & Wick Series, a tale of daring deception, magical adventure, and companionship against all odds.

First of all, if you can’t tell by the title, we’re talking author events and book signings today, and that topic didn’t just come out of the blue.

On February 25, 2023, I’ll be attending my first author event since 2019! If you’re in the Central Ohio area, stop by the ArtsaRound Gallery in Circleville at 1:00 pm to buy a book or two! You can learn more by visiting their Facebook page at or

If you are an author about to go to your first event, it can be a little daunting. There are so many little (and big) things to remember! Today, I wanted to talk about five things I’ve learned by working author events and book signings that might not cross your mind at first.

1. Bring a Helper. If you have someone who can join you, it’s going to make things so much easier and not just because they can help you transport your goods or help you set up. Some events last the whole weekend, and if you have someone to help you hold down the fort, it makes it simpler to take bathroom breaks, get food, and actually take a moment to enjoy the other exhibitors around you.

2. Put the Product in their Hands (and Maybe Bring a Few Extra Goodies). One of the rules they always tell salespeople is to put the product in the potential buyer’s hands. Not only does it allow them to envision themselves buying, but in the case of books, it gives them a moment to read the blurb, skim a few pages, etc. But sometimes it’s not the book that immediately brings someone to your table. Bringing a few more goodies for sale will increase your chances of catching someone’s eye. Whether it’s jewelry, candles, tea cozies—you name it!

3. There Will Be Some Dead Time…and That’s Okay. Unless you’re Neil Gaiman, you will have some dead time between buyers. And there’s nothing wrong with that! These moments can allow you to collect your thoughts, organize your table after a rush, and maybe take a moment to snap a selfie for your socials. There’s also something else you can do with this dead time…

4. Chatting with Other Authors/Vendors is Worth Your Time! Networking can be just as important as sales. The other authors around you may have podcasts, blogs, or anthologies they’re assembling. By chatting with others, you may make a connection that leads to your next project. I once sold at an event that was totally rained out! All of the authors ended up trying to set up inside the bookstore while a torrential downpour flooded the streets outside. It was, perhaps, not the most successful sale day but we all talked shop and learned about new opportunities, and that made it so worth it! And speaking of the weather…

5. Have Display Copies. Perhaps it’s my last name, but I have attended several rainy outdoor events in my time. Even when the rain passes, that means humidity! The atmosphere in which you're selling may be dry, windy, cold, humid, damp—all of which can have negative effects on your actual product. You may also be selling right next to the Steve’s Sticky Toffee Donuts booth. All of this means you need to have the books you intend to sell kept away in a nice, sealed container where they aren’t going to curl in the humidity or be attacked by toffee fingers.

Events can be a little intimidating, but if you take a moment to really look at your plan, prepare a check list—and make sure you bring snacks and water—these events can also be an absolute blast. Good luck, and I hope to see you on February 25th!

Happiest of New Years to you all!

2022 was a heck of a year. (We’ll leave it at that, all right? I don’t want to harsh my or anyone else’s mellow.) But one thing that kept me plugging along was being able to work on the fourth Lovelace & Wick book, The Soul Proprietor.

We’ll have a cover reveal and a synopsis reveal soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to give a bit of a teaser for the book. So, today I wanted to share five things I’ve loved about writing The Soul Proprietor.

Spoiler alert!: While I will not be spoiling The Soul Proprietor, I may be spoiling earlier Lovelace & Wick books. Tread with care, gentle reader.

1. Writing Cozy, Settled Dante and Iago. I’ve just loved writing these two as an old married couple. (Let’s be honest, they’ve kind of always been an old married couple.) This book takes place twenty years after the end of The Army of Angels, and Messrs. Lovelace and Wick are quite comfortable. They’ve built a life together, one that’s a bit more mundane than their pedigrees might suggest. Of course, that cozy life is totally turned on its ear by…

2. The Return of Viola and Sofia Atchison. The Atchisons are some of my very favorite characters to write, and exploring their relationship as they’ve aged and changed has been interesting, as well. Iago has been rather haunted by his separation from Viola Atchison for decades at this point, and they have quite the cracking reunion.

3. A Better Look at Demon Society. There are some scenes that have allowed me to introduce several more Infernal characters, not to mention examine Hell’s operations. One of my favorite scenes to write involves what essentially amounts to Infernal court proceedings, and it’s been delightful not only to work with those characters but also to watch Iago squirm. (Sorry, Mr. Wick.)

4. The Roaring Twenties. I don’t like to be too precise with the dates in the Lovelace & Wick books, but I’ll allow that this one takes place in roughly 1925. I’ve loved researching the era and working details about that period into the book.

5. Virgil Alighieri. If you’ve read the other books, you know that for many years, Iago Wick has written smutty stories and penny dreadfuls under the pen name of Virgil Alighieri. The Soul Proprietor sees Alighieri having been reborn, we’ll say. Iago tells a different kind of tale now under the Alighieri name, and the character’s role in this book is very important indeed. Let’s just say that Alighieri really comes into his own in this book.

And there you have it: five things I’ve loved about writing The Soul Proprietor! Stay tuned for more sneak previews, including a character profile for our illustrious villain.

Until then!


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