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What is The Soul Proprietor All About?

That's right: we have a cover, and now we have a synopsis! Look for The Soul Proprietor to be released in Summer of 2023, but for now, read on to see what the fourth book in The Lovelace & Wick Series is all about.

When Viola Atchison last saw Iago Wick, she promised that if ever they met again, she would destroy him.

Imagine his dismay one autumn afternoon upon finding her waiting for him in his parlor.

But Atchison has different plans these days. Caught in a battle to save her soul, she swiftly enlists the help of Iago and his husband, Dante Lovelace, in a plot that’s part deal with the devil, part supernatural heist.

Madam Emilia Sly is a wicked spiritualist with one of the largest collections of stolen supernatural relics around: including an ancient scroll that’s the key to Viola Atchison’s salvation. It’s up to Iago, Dante, and the Atchisons to execute their plot through the art of magic and a little playacting. But Madam Sly has her eyes on her own desired treasure, and she’s not about to step aside without a fight, one which could bring deadly consequences.

Join Messrs. Lovelace and Wick in the final installment of The Lovelace & Wick Series, a tale of daring deception, magical adventure, and companionship against all odds.


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