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The Lovelace & Wick Series

The Last Temptations of Iago Wick (Book #1)

The city of Marlowe, Massachusetts is a lovely place to settle down…just ask its two resident demons.


For centuries, Iago Wick and his partner, Dante Lovelace, have meddled in the affairs of Man for the benefit of Hell—and had a damnably good time doing it. 


Everything changes when a peculiar demon hunter with a murky past comes to Marlowe and sets his sights on Iago. Mr. Wick is all too happy to grant him a game of cat and mouse. After all, a little distraction from his Hellish duties does an old demon good. 


But soon, Iago and Dante find themselves entangled in the mystery surrounding the strange hunter, and the line between danger and excitement becomes a blurry one. What happens when Iago gets a little too close? Is working for Hell really all it’s cracked up to be? And why is the idea of free will suddenly so appealing?


Join a diverse and eccentric cast of demons and the hunters who hunt them in this wickedly witty tale of Victorian adventure and infernal mayhem.

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Binding Dante Lovelace (Book #2)


Dante Lovelace is not accustomed to waking up in unfamiliar beds...and he’s even less accustomed to working with witches.

Imagine his displeasure when both happen consecutively.

After being spirited away—i.e. kidnapped—Dante finds himself at the mercy of Miss Beatrice Dickens, a witch and spiritualist who has placed a binding spell upon him to strengthen her own powers. As demons must, Dante begrudgingly surrenders to his fate but soon discovers the witch needs him for protection. Zero Bancroft, an uncommonly dangerous man, wants to release an uncommonly dangerous beast in Beatrice’s keeping: a soul-eater. It’s up to Dante and Beatrice to stop him.

If that weren’t enough, Dante must also contend with his partner, Iago Wick, who longs to defect and abandon his Hellish duties—and he wants Dante to follow. What’s a demon to do?

With some new companions (and a certain inventor) on their side, Mr. Lovelace and Mr. Wick must contend with magic, hunters, automatons, and even uncomfortable family reunions. Can they protect the world from Bancroft’s mad scheme, or is the Apocalypse just around the bend?

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The Army of Angels (Book #3)


There’s no rest for the wicked…even when the wicked are trying to retire.

In the thirteen years since they abandoned their demonic duties to Hell, Iago Wick and Dante Lovelace have become world travelers and developed an acute aversion to responsibility of any kind. Life is sublime until an old friend comes knocking with a favor to ask. 

Gloria Ambrose is an angel in need. Her brothers and sisters are disappearing, and signs indicate the angels are being taken to Purgatory, a treacherous land that only a demon can navigate. As Dante and Iago plunge into Purgatory's depths, they uncover a madman’s plot to turn angels into weapons, using the vast wasteland of the underworld as his testing ground.

With the help of friends new and old, Mr. Lovelace and Mr. Wick devise a rescue plan, but peril, past lives, and amphibious beasts lurk around every corner. Not to mention, things are never what they seem in Purgatory. Whose twisted mind is really behind the army of angels?

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The Soul Proprietor (Book #4)

When Viola Atchison last saw Iago Wick, she promised that if ever they met again, she would destroy him.

Imagine his dismay one autumn afternoon upon finding her waiting for him in his parlor.

But Atchison has different plans these days. Caught in a battle to save her soul, she swiftly enlists the help of Iago and his husband, Dante Lovelace, in a plot that’s part deal with the devil, part supernatural heist.

Madam Emilia Sly is a wicked spiritualist with one of the largest collections of stolen supernatural relics around: including an ancient scroll that’s the key to Viola Atchison’s salvation. It’s up to Iago, Dante, and the Atchisons to execute their plot through the art of magic and a little playacting. But Madam Sly has her eyes on her own desired treasure, and she’s not about to step aside without a fight, one which could bring deadly consequences.

Join Messrs. Lovelace and Wick in the final installment of The Lovelace & Wick Series, a tale of daring deception, magical adventure, and companionship against all odds.

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Iago Wick and the Vampire Queen
A Lovelace & Wick Short Story (# 1)

As a demon, Iago Wick has made quite a career out of conjuring mischief and mayhem in the name of Hell, but this time, perhaps he’s gone a bit too far.


After deliberately foiling the plans of a spoiled vampire—all in the name of fun, really!—Iago discovers that the vampire in question is no ordinary bloodsucker. She’s the newly-appointed matriarch of one of the oldest vampire families in America, and she’s very angry.


Soon, Iago is caught in a war with the vampires and their cyborg servants. Will he settle his score with the clan of bloodsuckers or will Iago find himself at the mercy of the Vampire Queen? What precisely is the matter with those strange cybernetic servants, anyway? And most importantly, will Iago ever get the smell of garlic out of his clothes?

Iago Wick and the Vampire Queen is a 17,000-word short story prequel to The Lovelace & Wick Series. 


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