Meet the residents of Marlowe, Massachusetts. More profiles will be added, so visit again soon!

Iago Wick

Species: Demon


"Iago Wick carried himself as though all the world were his stage."

Dante Lovelace

Species: Demon

Catastrophe Artist

"Dante Lovelace, meanwhile, had the reserve and thoughtful gaze of a poet, reason enough for most of Marlowe to avoid him."

Thomas Atchison

Species: Human

Demon hunter and inventor

"However, I wonder if you noticed the way [Atchison] speaks."

"As though the entire world inconveniences him?"

Gloria Ambrose

Species: Angel

Collector of Benevolent Souls

"Her radiant, Heavenly presence was enough to calm even the most frightened in their final hour. A single touch, and folks were begging to give up the ghost for her."

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