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The Army of Angels

(The Lovelace & Wick Series Book 3)

There’s no rest for the wicked…even when the wicked are trying to retire.

In the thirteen years since they abandoned their demonic duties to Hell, Iago Wick and Dante Lovelace have become world travelers and developed an acute aversion to responsibility of any kind. Life is sublime until an old friend comes knocking with a favor to ask. 

Gloria Ambrose is an angel in need. Her brothers and sisters are disappearing, and signs indicate the angels are being taken to Purgatory, a treacherous land that only a demon can navigate. As Dante and Iago plunge into Purgatory's depths, they uncover a madman’s plot to turn angels into weapons, using the vast wasteland of the underworld as his testing ground.

With the help of friends new and old, Mr. Lovelace and Mr. Wick devise a rescue plan, but peril, past lives, and amphibious beasts lurk around every corner. Not to mention, things are never what they seem in Purgatory. Whose twisted mind is really behind the army of angels?


Marlowe, Massachusetts is a lovely place to settle down... just ask its resident demons. Follow the adventures of Iago Wick and Dante Lovelace, two gentlemen demons, in this darkly humorous series where supernatural adventure meets steampunk sensibilities. Learn more here.

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